How to Make Your Home a “Staycation” Getaway with Solar Innovations

Vacations, though desired, are sometimes not feasible options for individuals with larger families or for those who work full time. The cost of travel, along with the usual vacation-planning hassles, can be more of a headache than they’re worth. Luckily, planning a vacation-like getaway can be easy and done right at home. With help from Solar Innovations® and our expert team of engineers and designers, a greenhouse, pool enclosure, or sunroom can be made into the perfect stay-cation getaway.

Custom Residential Pool Enclosures with greenhouse walls by Solar Innovations, Inc.Looking for a tropical climate to bask in? Try installing a greenhouse! Made almost entirely out of windows and skylights, a greenhouse lets in a lot of sunlight and in turn, warms the interior of your structure to imitate a beach-like climate that both people and plants can enjoy. By adding a pool or spa, you can create a total vacation package right inside your greenhouse. Users will need to consider condensation when adding a water feature inside a glass structure to ensure proper structural ventilation. To monitor condensation levels in your structure, consider installing ridge vents, eave vents, operable windows, and skylights. This will help to keep air circulating and to create a comfortable experience for everyone.

Another way to get that vacation feel inside your structure is to grow palm trees, hibiscus, and other tropical plants. Make sure to research the various preferences for each plant in order to ensure the environment is mutually beneficial for each of the different species. Once you have selected your vegetation, creating the perfect interior environment will be easy. By using a greenhouse control system, you can integrate lighting, heating, cooling, and irrigation accessories into one cohesive unit. Solar also offers low-maintenance aluminum palm trees for anyone who may be lacking a green thumb.

If you’re looking to enclose your pool and make it a warm stay-cation spot year-round, Solar can help you with your custom creation. By enclosing your space, you can devote more time to enjoying your pool or spa instead of cleaning it. So save on the costs of taking an expensive yearly vacation and work with Solar Innovations® today to start your next glass enclosure project!

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