Designing a Home Office in a Conservatory

Working from home, either full time or just a few hours each day, can be a challenge. With the proper planning, a distraction-free home office can be found in a conservatory. The glass walls and roof of the conservatory allow natural light to enter the space, which studies have proven, aids in concentration and enhances work performance, making the conservatory an ideal structure for a home office (Psychology Today).

Enclosing the designated office space with a folding glass wall, sliding glass door, or curtain wall that incorporates a pivot or terrace door, will create a defined office space. To further make this distinction, one can utilize tinted or patterned glass in the door or curtain wall that separates the two spaces.

For more information on creating a home office in your conservatory, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory design expert by e-mail:  [email protected] or by phone:  1-800-618-0669.

Below are some examples of similar work that we have completed.  More examples are available through our Project Gallery as well.

Custom Designed Conservatory

Folding Glass Walls used to create a home office