G2 and G3 Folding Glass Walls receive updated Acoustical testing numbers

Solar Innovations, Inc. updates G2 & G3 FGW acoustical testing

Contrary to common belief, skylights, doors, windows, and other glazed products can be used to reduce unwanted noise. High-performing acoustical products are important in essentially any commercial and residential setting, as well as locations with high-volume traffic. When discussing acoustical testing the most important factor to remember is that the acoustical values are specific to your glazing selection, however, it is also influenced by the unit’s frame.

The two major components of Acoustical Testing are the STC (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class).

STC or Sound Transmission Class describes how well a glazing unit can gradually reduce sound transmission by focusing primarily on sound waves. STC is most commonly used to rate the acoustical performance of interior partitions, such as curtain walls, as well as doors, windows and exterior wall units. The STC rating will roughly reflect the reduction of decibels in noise the unit can provide.

OITC or Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class indicates the rate at which sound transfers between outdoor and indoor spaces. Unlike STC, which is based on a noise spectrum, OITC uses a source noise spectrum and considers environmental frequencies, such as aircraft, rail, and automotive traffic. OITC puts more emphasis on lower frequencies. Often times focus on OITC can be lost.

Several Solar Innovations, Inc. products boast exceptional acoustical ratings. Most recently, the Company received the following test results:

Product Line STC Rating OITC Rating
G2 FGW with Standard Sill 39 32
G2 FGW with Recessed Ramp Sill 34 29
G3 FGW with Standard Sill 39 32
G3 FGW with Recessed Ramp Sill 35 28
G2 HP International Tilt and Turn 35 28
G2 Modular Terrace Door with Sidelite 35 28


Solar Innovations, inc. completes all product testing in its onsite test labs, and results are certified by a nationally-recognized third-party. Solar intends to test several additional sliding door systems in the near future. Visit the Product Testing page for more information and to see additional test results.