Glazing Spotlight: LoE340

LoE 340

Solar offers various glazing options that reduce solar heat gain and UV penetration while maximizing visible light transmittance and minimizing heat transfer. Low emissivity glazings create an energy efficient system that will sustain a comfortable room at any time of year. Solar offers several LoE glazing options, including LoE 340. LoE 340 blocks approximately 98% of the sun’s UV rays and prevents 82% of visible light from converting to heat energy, making it the most effective low-emissions glazing choice when overheating due to solar gain is a concern. It reduces glare by absorbing and reflecting 60% of visible light. LoE 340 provides users with year-round comfort by blocking heat gain in hot weather and working to prevent heat loss in cold weather.

Unlike tinted glazings, the LoE 340 coating does not require an additional tint, allowing its appearance to remain the same, regardless of its thickness. LoE 340 is ideal for projects that will be enjoyed by people and not plants, as the majority of plants require more visible light transmittance than this LoE choice offers . For more information on this and the many other glazing options available, please visit Solar Innovations, Inc.’s glazing information page.

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