Greenhouse Control Systems

Each species of plant has a specific and ideal growing environment, which means gardeners are constantly required to keep an eye on the temperature, ventilation, lighting, and other factors inside their greenhouse. Maintaining these conditions can often become a hassle, especially for users who are unable to spend a great deal of time monitoring the environment in their greenhouse. For this reason, many greenhouse owners choose to install an automated control system that can be controlled from a remote location. These automated systems allow multiple growing accessories to be connected for maximum control.

Greenhouse automation systems by Solar Innovations, Inc. can be as simple as an on/off switch or as complex and integrated as a user desires. Fully automated greenhouse control systems have predetermined settings that will automatically adjust the temperature, ventilation, and other accessories when needed. For example, when the system senses the greenhouse is too hot, it will turn on the evaporative cooler and open the ridge and eave vents. When incorporating multiple accessories into a greenhouse, such as eave vents.  The vents can be grouped together or operate independently with an automated control system. Greenhouse accessories can also be staged to open or turn on at varying levels. Since the accessories are programmed to activate only when necessary, installing an automated greenhouse control system will lower overall operating costs and save both time and energy in the long run.

Installing an automated greenhouse control system will help create the perfect greenhouse environment for any type of plant while reducing costs and minimizing the amount of time required to maintain a greenhouse. For more information on the various types of automation Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse specialist.

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