Greenhouse Project Spotlight

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently completed installation on a unique straight-eave, lean-to greenhouse with two gable ends and three dormers in New York.

The entire structure was glazed with LoE 272, which will keep users comfortable in both the summer and winter, and it is complete with several Solar Innovations, Inc. accessories, including ridge and eave vents, greenhouse benches, circulation fans, grow lights, and a micro grow control system.

This particular greenhouse is at a residence, but greenhouses are great addition to any residential, commercial, or educational building. A Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse is an investments that allows customers to take their gardening to the next level, and they can be custom-designed to suit each person’s specific needs. No matter your gardening skill level, what you grow, or how much you grow, Solar can create a greenhouse that will fit your needs.

NYC Greenhouse