Growing Orchid Hybrids

Hybrid Orchids

At Solar Innovations, Inc. we take great pride in our orchid growing and strive to achieve growing goals that may seem impossible to others. Pictured is a Cattleya hybrid that is growing in our greenhouse and has an air of purity and peace about it. We often work with our plants outside the normal realm of growing to achieve the beauty you see here. Cattleya hybrids can be crossed with related genera (family types). For example a Cattleya X Brassavola X Laelia = a Brassolaecattleya or BLC for short.

There are many hybrids that are as beautiful and enjoyable to grow. By adjusting the light, fertilizer, watering, and temperatures (both day and nigh) you will achieve drastic results. Blooms twice a year are possible, however the shades in coloring will vary slightly. Humidity plays a very important role in any greenhouse as well as the containers your orchids are grown in. For example, this orchid is a hanging plant and not grown in a staked table pot. While enjoying your greenhouse, try adding a twist to your growinga and possibly attempt to develop a new orchid hybrid.