Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! As part of Solar Innovations®’ core values, our Team is dedicated to living and working green on a daily basis, and we are always trying to find new ways in which we can increase our environmental sustainability efforts. Today, we are celebrating Earth Day by planting trees at various locations throughout our 36+ acre campus.

We are planting three different species: Pin Oak, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Eastern Redbud. The Pin Oak tree is known for its dense shade, strong wood, and tolerance for many soil conditions. This type of tree is free of most major pests and fairly easy to plant. Pin Oak trees grow about 3-4 ft. per year, which makes this fast growing oak a common sight in many parks, streets, and yards. Animals, such as birds, deer, and squirrels love Pin Oaks for their acorns, so we planted them in a wooded area near our vineyard to provide food for the turkeys and other wildlife.

The Colorado Blue Spruce tree, commonly referred to as the Blue Spruce, is typically identified by its stiff needles and blue-green color. In the winter months, the needles on the Blue Spruce transition from their blue-green shade to a more saturated blue tint. This type of Spruce tree grows about 1-2 ft. per year, and unlike other evergreens, the Blue Spruce needs to be pruned every year in order to keep its spear like shape.

The Eastern Redbud tree is native to the eastern woodlands all the way from New Jersey to parts of northern Florida and as far west as the Great Plains. This type of tree thrives in sand-based soil, and burrows its roots straight down before they spread horizontally. Like most Redbuds, this tree grows to about 35 ft. tall. Redbud trees are usually the first to bloom in early spring, at which time, their deep lavender, pink, and sometimes white, colored blooms are visible.

We are very excited to watch these trees grow and continue to enhance our campus more each year. Planting trees is great for the environment because trees help prevent soil erosion, help clean the air, and increase the oxygen levels of their surrounding environment.