Healthy Gardening: An Introduction

Healthy Gardening

This blog will be the first in a series of, where we delve into subject of growing herbs and teas, and eventually harvesting and drying them. We will also cover the positive health benefits that these plants can have on our bodies.

Like any adventure, we need to start at the beginning. Which in this case, consists of preparing the pots or benches. The first step is to find or create the correct soil mixture for the seeds you wish to grow. At Solar Innovations, Inc. we constructed a bench that is 4 feet by 10 feet with an 8 inch depth. The 8 inch depth provides room for a fair amount of soil, allowing the plants to properly root. At the bottom of the bench, we first laid down a plastic grid for a support and then covered it with a layer of Styrofoam to control moisture. Because we desired to grow multiple species of herbs and teas, we laid out Sapele wood  in a waffle patter to create 21 separate growing spaces. Each box is roughly 15 inches by 15 inches.

Stay tuned for our next Healthy Gardening update!