How to Achieve Passive Solar Lighting with a Skylight

Artificial bulbs can not reproduce the warm glow of natural sunlight. The sun, when properly accounted for, can provide a free natural lighting and heating source. As the costs of electricity steadily increase, designing or renovating your home to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible is an economical undertaking.

“Passive solar” is a term used to describe the sun’s natural lighting and heating abilities. One of the most effective ways to utilize passive solar lighting in your home is through the installation of a skylight. Skylights bring light into a room year-round, and are perfect ideally placed above rooms that are located at the center of a building. To achieve the most benefits from your skylight, the unit should be installed with a south facing orientation. This will provide light to rooms on the northern side of your home, even if they do not have an east or west exterior wall.

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Passive Solar Lighting