Innovative Façade Doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. Provide Seamless Integration

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial sliding, folding, and stacking glass walls, doors, windows, and screens; conservatories; sunrooms; greenhouses; skylights; and curtain walls; has developed an innovative façade door that seamlessly integrates into storefronts and curtain walls.

The patent pending customizable façade doors were developed by Solar Innovations, Inc. based on the performance specifications of a single customer. When in the closed position, the façade door is flush with the exterior of the structure, as it is pulled open/operated, it slides behind the curtain wall portions (or conventional construction walls) of the structure to create a completely seamless view and clear opening. Other door systems available on the market are limited by their jambs and the hardware of typical door designs. Solar’s system is not limited by the extent of the door’s jamb. Panels can be guided to an off façade location, while still managing to close in a manner that is flush with the façade’s exterior. A YouTube video of the door’s operation is available at for your convenience.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has two patents pending on the façade door. The first is related to the head and sill guides of the door. The second is the door’s uniquely designed (optional), integrated handle locking hardware. Solar’s experience in developing sliding and stacking wall systems provided the background for this hybrid system.

The door’s head and sill plates are designed to withstand the full load of the system, and the jambs may or may not be fabricated as part of the door to provide easy integration into a façade or curtain wall system. Custom designed trolleys, coupled with a balanced head design, allow it to operate with fluidity, unlike many other specialty doors on the market. Although Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed an integrated hardware option specifically for this door, numerous hardware options and pull selections are available for this unit.

The façade door can feature integrated handle hardware which utilizes the stand-off of the pull handle to house the locking mechanism. This hardware has a spindle which engages the door latch (or latches, depending on lock style) and locks to the jamb, securing the door. The operator for the spindle can either be attached to the actual handle stand-off or be integrated directly into the pull handle with a small turning section that allows the operator to engage the lock.

For more information on the façade door system or to receive more information on any of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s operable door systems, contact a member of the Solar Innovations, Inc. sales department at [email protected] or 800-618-0669.

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