New Greenhouse Control System at Solar Innovations, Inc.’s

After several new additions to Solar Innovations, Inc.’s orchid greenhouse, the research and development team has decided to install a new, larger Link4 greenhouse environmental control system. The previous greenhouse system was used to control the ventilation, lighting, fogging, heating, and cooling accessories based on the temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse. However, the development of the new universal greenhouse bench has prompted a larger control system with additional outputs and more complex control features so that the integrated greenhouse benches can reach their full potential.

The new Link4 system has the ability to control the same greenhouse accessories as the previous model, as well as the following universal greenhouse bench functions: under bed heating, subsoil heating, additional grow lights, drip and misting irrigation, and an ebb and flow feature. The system will be wired into the greenhouse expert’s computer and has the capability to be accessed from a remote location. The new greenhouse control system will also be connected to a new weather station that will monitor the outside temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, and solar intensity. This new feature will allow the grow lights to be adjusted according the sun’s intensity, so they can provide optimal lighting at all times. The additional data derived from the weather station will provide insight into the performance of the greenhouse versus the outside conditions and allow for more efficient heating and cooling strategies.

Greenhouse accessories help create the perfect environment for greenhouses of all sizes. Utilizing a greenhouse control system simplifies the growing process and ensures the structure remains the ideal atmosphere at all times. Visit the greenhouse accessories page for more information on environmental control systems and additional growing accessories offered by Solar Innovations, Inc or contact a greenhouse specialist about a specific project today.

Greenhouse climate control system in Solar Innovations, Inc's Orchid Greenhouse