Operable Skylight: Product Spotlight

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently completed a unique operable skylight in the New England region. The custom designed single slope retractable skylight provided natural ventilation for a residence in an urban neighborhood with limited options. The skylight system was curb mounted, using a crane to bring the pre-assembled portion of the skylight to the roof. There, 1” IGU – LoE glazing panels with Heat Strengthened Grey Laminate tint were installed.
This skylight came equipped with a weather sensor, a motorized operator, and the capability for thermostatic control. The weather sensor recognizes wind speed and rain, triggering the motorized operator to automatically close the skylight when the conditions are no longer optimal. Then, if connected to the thermostatic control, once the set temperature has been reached and the weather sensor is no longer triggered, the skylight automatically opens to a clear opening of just over 3’ to ventilate the residence.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a wide range of operable doors, windows, walls, and skylights, customizable to meet the required project specifications.  For more information on all of Solar’s product lines or to request a brochure, please e-mail [email protected]

Custom designed and installed operable skylight