Overwintering Cyclamen

Preparing your greenhouse to maintain color throughout the winter can be fun, exciting, and challenging. Cyclamen that were potted in the middle of the summer, should now be moved inside to weather the winter from the safety of your greenhouse. The plant will react to the change in temperature by encouraging growth and flowering. Keeping the cyclamen moist, but not wet, will allow the soil to remain well drained. If the foliage begins the wilt, that is a sign that the plant needs additional watering. Be sure to pay attention to water levels, because if the plant receives to much water, it may begin to rot. When watering the plant, be sure to water from under the leaves, not over the foliage. Depending on the care given, the plant will flower for week or even months in some cases.

During the winter growing periods, attempt to keep the greenhouse at a constant 61F degrees. Over fertilizing your plant will cause it to yellow, so pay close attention to those levels as well. Once the plant is finished blooming, you should let it dry completely and leave the bulb in the pot until you are ready to plant it again. Depending on the size of the bulb, a larger pot may be required. Remember not to plant the bulb to deep, a 1/2 inch of soil is the appropriate depth. If proper care is taken, a bulb can last a gardener many years.