Plant Hangers and Benches to Optimize Your Growing Space

With the wide variety of plant types that can be grown in a greenhouse, gardeners often find themselves running out of space quickly. To avoid this, think about the layout of your greenhouse space before you even begin filling it with plants. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several greenhouse accessories that will optimize your growing space and provide you with more growing room, such as benches and plant hangers.

Our benches can be fixed and inoperable or have wheels on the legs for moving them around. They can have one or several tiers and plants that do not require a great deal of sunlight can be placed underneath them for shade. Our benches can be designed with aluminum mesh, wood, or polyethylene tops and they are great when you’re looking to spend hours gardening, as they allow you to do everything standing up without bending over every few minutes.

In addition to plain benches, Solar also offers gravel benches and raised seedling beds. Gravel benches have aluminum tops and can be filled with gravel and water to create a constant source of humidity, while seedling beds are benches around six inches deep that are completely filled soil and act as a raised flower bed.

Our plant hangers are a great way to utilizing all available space in a greenhouse. We offer several configurations of plant hangers, including single plant hangers and orchid boxes. We offer a truss design plant hanger that suspends the width of the greenhouse and provide additional stability to the greenhouse. Solar has also developed a slider hanger system, where an aluminum track is suspended from the greenhouse roof, and small trolleys are attached to it where baskets are attached and allowed to be moved left and right. All hanging baskets and systems are constructed our of durable aluminum, so they will not rot or rust from the amount of water and moisture they will be exposed to.

For more information regarding our plant hangers, hanging systems, greenhouse benches, or wide selection of additional greenhouse accessories, please visit our Greenhouse Accessories page on our website.