Product Spotlight: Greenhouse Accessories

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently manufactured and installed this straight-eave double-pitch greenhouse on the east coast. The greenhouse is outfitted with several projected awning window systems, which manually crank outward and prevent rain from entering the structure while the windows are open. The awning windows have also been outfitted with standard cam locks, for increased security, and fixed interior screens, to prevent unwanted pests from entering the greenhouse.


Glass Structure, Greenhouse Nose

Greenhouses and other glass structures by Solar Innovations, Inc. are available in virtually any size and configuration, and Solar’s in-house bar bending capabilities also allow the option of curved eaves for a truly unique structure.

Visit the greenhouse page for more information on Solar’s decorative elements and growing accessories or contact a sales representative to discuss additional options.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers are complete line of aluminum decorative elements and greenhouse accessories. This particular structure has been outfitted with motorized ridge vents for increased ventilation and air circulation, which include a rain sensor for automatic closure when rain begins. Greenhouse control systems, such as rain sensors, are perfect for creating the ideal growing environment for the plants in the structure. Additional automation options by Solar Innovations, Inc. include: circulation fans, grow lights, thermostats, and irrigation accessories. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers several types of growing accessories to help maximize space, which can sometimes be limited in smaller greenhouses. The Company provided several fixed plant hangers for this greenhouse, which allow gardeners to use empty space above benches. Along with plant hangers, Solar Innovations, Inc. can also provide trellises, benches, raised grow beds, and even cold frames for use outside the greenhouse.