Product Spotlight: Motorized Sliding Glass Doors

Folding, sliding, and stacking glass wall systems are a signature product of Solar Innovations, Inc. Glass walls help unite a structure with the outdoors and divide large interior rooms into smaller areas. Solar’s glass walls are custom-designed according to the structural requirements of each user, and Solar Innovations, Inc. has manufactured sliding glass walls with panels as large as 22 feet tall.  These particular Solar Innovations, Inc. multi track sliding glass walls are 7.5′ ft tall, and they were outfitted with a motor for easy operation.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Custom Motorized Sliding Glass Doors

Motorized sliders by Solar Innovations, Inc. are exceptionally useful on sliding door systems with oversized panels, as they help to eliminate the sometimes lengthy process of operating the heavy panels by hand. Users also will not have to worry about harsh impacts with motorized sliding doors, as they are programmed with a “crawl mode,” which slows the doors before closing. Motors can be incorporated into units during the initial design stages, or they can be retrofitted into existing door systems, and they are controlled by wall-mounted switches, exterior security keypads, and remote control options.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can design and manufacture virtually any size sliding glass walls, depending on engineering requirements. Solar’s unique sliding configurations include: dual track, multi-track, pocketing, no post, and radius sliding glass walls, allowing for a uniquely customized glass wall to fit any users’ needs. Visit the operable doors and walls section of the website for additional glass wall options, and visit the contact us page when you’re ready to discuss your project in greater detail with a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales designer.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Custom Motorized Sliding Glass Doors

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