Project Spotlight: 90º No Post Folding Glass Windows

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently received pictures of these 90º no post folding glass windows that were manufactured for a restaurant in the Great Lakes region. In total, there are four folding glass window systems, all of which are designed in Solar’s split-wall configuration. The units were installed in the restaurant’s second-floor dining room and offer a unique view of the town below.

Due to their lack of a structural post, no post folding glass walls by Solar Innovations, Inc. offer users panoramic views when opened. Popular angles include 90º and 135º, but Solar has the ability to create virtually any angle corner post desired. Because of their unique design, these no post folding glass windows were manufactured in a split wall configuration. This means that all four units contain left- and right-folding panels which meet at the corner when closed.
Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers no post windows and walls in sliding configurations, along with additional specialty door options, such as segmented glass walls. Contact a knowledgeable Solar Innovations, Inc. sales designer or visit the Operable Doors and Walls portion of the webpage to learn more about additional door configuration options.

Solar Innovations, Inc.'s No Post Corner Window