Project Spotlight: Complete Glazing Package

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently manufactured this complete glazing package on the east coast. Ordering a glazing package from one manufacturer ensures matching sitelines exist across all doors, windows, and skylights in a structure or curtain wall for seamless integration. Included in this particular package are several curtain walls, swing and sliding glass doors, curb-mounted skylights, and Solar Innovations, Inc. specialty window systems, utilizing the G1 International framework.

Solar’s G1 International window framework, the next generation of the Company’s Mulled Window System, allows users to incorporate an unlimited number of fixed and operable windows and doors into one unit without the need for additional framework. This unique option allows for hopper, awning, and casement windows, as well as Solar’s distinctive tilt turn configuration, to be integrated into the same system. The G1 International frame is insulated using thermal strut technology. In this type of thermal enhancement, a strut is utilized to unite two separate aluminum extrusions, creating a highly efficient window system that reduces thermal conductivity. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products are thermally enhanced on-site at the Company’s LEED Gold manufacturing facility in Pine Grove, PA.

The three curb-mounted skylights in this glazing package were delivered to the job-site pre-assembled, but not pre-glazed; however, Solar Innovations, Inc. skylights can be delivered three ways. Delivery options include: factory assembled and glazed; factory assembled without glazing, as the skylights were in this project; and stick-built, which require a complete field assembly. For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skylight delivery and assembly options, please visit the Skylights section of the webpage or contact Solar Innovations, Inc.

Skylight System by Solar Innovations, inc.