Project Spotlight: Custom Sunroom

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently designed this custom sunroom for a residence in Illinois. The straight-eave, lean-to glass enclosure has two angled gable ends and was installed overtop a garage to provide additional living space and a unique view of the surrounding area. This particular custom sunroom includes six in-system casement windows.  The windows utilize Solar’s projected window system.  The structure’s sloped roof is outfitted with EZ Clean glazing technology that includes a special formula to reduce dirt and debris buildup on glass. This implementation reduces the maintenance requirements of the glass structure and provides an easy cleaning option.

This project was finished using Solar’s standard Bronze Duracron framing, with bronze metal to metal and metal to glass silicone.  The glass to glass seals were finished with black silicone to match the hardware on the in-system casement windows.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can design a custom glazed sunroom in virtually any size and configuration for nearly any location. Each structure includes specific dimensions, materials, and a configuration that is specifically designed for that individual project. For more information about Solar Innovations, Inc.’s various custom sunroom options, please visit the Sunrooms page or contact your sales representative for more details.

 Custom Sunroom with EZ Clean Glazing

EZ Clean Glazing technology