Project Spotlight: G2 International Window Systems

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently manufactured this complete glazing package at a residence in New York. Several sliding glass doors and terrace doors accompany a unique butt glazed curtain wall in this glazing package, as well as multiple fixed and operable windows framed utilizing Solar’s G2 International framework.
International systems can be comprised of any number of fixed and operable doors and windows. With the unique framework of the International window system, all of the glass window and door panels are contained within a single frame, eliminating the need for additional framework and creating consistent sightlines for the structure. Several of Solar’s G2 International windows are Florida impact certified and are perfect for use in locations which experience severe weather conditions on a regular basis.
The G2 International system is Solar’s latest generation of mulled window system and can be used for most applications, depending on engineering requirements and the design specifications of the end user. For projects requiring grids, a two-tone finish, or an NFRC certification, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Mulled and G1 International framework will be utilized. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s knowledgeable Sales Representatives help customers determine which system is most ideal for their particular needs. For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s G2 International window systems, please visit the International Windows section of the website.

G2 International Window system with complete glazing by Solar Innovations, Inc.