Project Spotlight: Pool Enclosure

Solar Innovations, Inc. is currently finishing the fabrication of a large pool enclosure for a residence in Maryland.

It will be a straight-eave, double-pitch structure with two conservatory noses and will featuring several Solar Innovations, Inc. windows and accessories. The entire enclosure will be glazed with LoE 366, the highest-quality LoE glazing, which will keep the structure at the most comfortable temperature in any season.

Pool and spa enclosures allow users to experience the benefits of summer year round without having to worry about opening, closing, and cleaning their pools and spas. Users can enjoy their pool or spa without having to worry about the snow, rain, wind, leaves, insects, and other outdoor nuisances.

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures polycarbonate or glass pool and spa enclosures that range from simple lean-to or double pitch configurations to large conservatory stlyes, like the structure we are currently working on. Our structures can be customized for homes, hotels, apartment complexes, universities, and any other application. Our customer service and expertise make us the recognized leader among American aluminum frame pool and spa enclosure manufacturers.