Project Spotlight: Stacking Glass Walls

Solar Innovations, Inc. received pictures of its 10 ft. tall stacking glass walls that were recently installed in a hotel on the south eastern coast. These glass walls are used in a bar and dining room area with a view overlooking the outdoor patio. The project consists of one stacking glass wall that opens to the left and one stacking glass wall that opens to the right, which are joined by a corner post. When both walls are open, the room is completely open to the outside on two sides, which helps unite the inside and outside dining areas.

Both stacking glass doors in this project include seven panels, and they can be opened completely or with several panels at once for a truly customized opening. These particularstacking glass walls have been uniquely designed with the ability to stack at a 90 degree angle when opened. The compact design of a stacking wall maximizes floor space and keeps the doors out of guests’ way. Solar Innovations, Inc. also manufactures stacking glass walls that stack to a remote location, such as behind a door.

Stacking glass walls by Solar Innovations, Inc. are ideal for creating a large opening to the exterior as well as dividing an interior space into additional rooms. Visit the operable doors and walls webpage for more information and to see additional glass wall configurations. Contact us when you’re ready to discuss your project in greater detail with a knowledgeable Sales Designer.

Stacking Glass Walls