Quick Door Maintenance Guide

Summer is in full stride, and the picnic festivities are underway. If you’re in charge of this year’s festivities, you need to make sure you’re well stocked with the three B’s: burgers, buns, and beverages. However, it’s also essential to make sure your house is in tip top shape for your guests. Of course, you’ll want to make sure any open rooms are looking pristine, but in all your running around, it can be easy to miss one quintessential element of every room: the door.

Making sure your doors are in top condition is the first step to ensuring their longevity, and Solar Innovations, Inc. is here to help with door maintenance tips you can follow any time of the year. Most people give their doors a once over every now and then, but the key to door maintenance is knowing what to look for. Here are a few guidelines for maintanencing your Solar Innovations, Inc. folding, sliding, and stacking doors and windows:

Door Inspection

Frequently inspecting your doors will help you catch minor issues before they become a nuisance to the entire structure, and it will also prevent future issues from happening. When visually inspecting your doors:

  •  Remove visible debris
  • Note any irregular wearing of hardware, including hinges, trolleys, and wheels; replacements will be necessary if the worn part is affecting product performance or operation
  • Inspect all gaskets, looking for separation and tightness of seals
  • Inspect intersections against adjacent structures for movement; verify that the sealant and flashings maintain a complete seal
  • Operate the door several times, noting any rough spots or sticking points; consult manufacturer if any issues are found
  • Inspect areas of extremely high use or high debris areas monthly

Consult the manufacturer if you find any abnormalities in appear or operation or if any paint touch-ups are required, as it is best to have an experienced professional handle issues like this.

Door Cleaning and Maintenance

Making sure your doors are clean and properly maintained will enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the room. Solar suggests these key tips for retaining the look of your doors:

  • Clean the frame and glass with a non-abrasive glass cleaner twice a year. Consult the manufacturer for infill other than glass, as glass cleaners may damage surfaces
  • Clean sill systems regularly or as debris build-up is noticed
  • Apply silicone spray or White Lithium Grease to hardware and trolleys
  • Only Use GE Silpruf sealant of a matching color to replace failed sealant beads; pre-wipe with isopropyl alcohol before applying new silicone

Inspecting and cleaning your doors should be done annually or semi-annually unless otherwise noted to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Now that your doors are prepped and ready to go for the summer, it also might be a good idea to look into re-glazing them. It becomes more difficult to withstand the soaring temperatures as we get deeper into summer, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the sun’s natural light. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a variety of high performance LowE glazing options that block the heat but still allow light to pass through, so you can enjoy the sun’s light without becoming overwhelmed from the heat and humidity. Solar can re-glaze your doors or windows to ensure you stay comfortable all summer long.