Renewable Energy Solutions for Heating Your Home

As the outdoor temperature drops and thermostats are raised accordingly, many homeowner experience the inevitable wintertime spike in heating bills. Whether your home is heated by oil, coal, wood, or a combination of the three, there is no getting around the unavoidable high costs of heating.

With the dynamic and fast-paced green building industry, however,  Solar Innovations, Inc. is discovering more and more innovative and environmentally-friendly alternatives for heating that do not involve harmful, ozone-deteriorating fumes and chemicals. Solar Innovations, Inc. is proudly expanding our renewable energy offerings, and is excited to offer green heating options.

Solar thermal systems, for example, utilize the sun’s power to heat a building. The solar thermal collectors — usually PV panels — are mounted on the roof with a closed loop line running to a pumping station which circulates the heated liquid through the collectors and heat exchangers in a storage tank. The heated liquid transfers the heat into the water by use of the internal heat exchangers in the tank. The tank is tied into the existing hot water system or installed as a stand alone system to provide water to the whole house.

For solar ventilation, Solar Innoivations, Inc. offers solar chimneys that harness the sun’s natural heating abilities to heat a structure. Solar chimneys use the same principle as a fireplace; the sun’s heat causes the air in the chimney to rise, which allows cooler air to be pulled into the chimney for heating. This creates air movement and ventilation for a structure.

If you’re looking for a green and sustainable alternative for your home, Solar Innovations, Inc. can help you incorporate solar heating and ventilating options into your home. Solar will work with you from start to finish to properly design and install the right system for your specific application. Whether you are interested in solar hot water, solar space heating, solar pool heating, or another specific solar thermal application, Solar Innovations, Inc. can assist you form idea inception to completion.