Selling More Than Flowers in a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is an excellent space for any business to display their goods and services, as it offers customers a unique shopping environment. The glass walls and roof of a greenhouse allow products to be seen in soft, natural lighting as opposed to the harsh, artificial lighting typically used in stores. LowE glazing provides protection from UV rays and can prevent fabrics from fading and discoloring. The glass walls of the greenhouse allow customers to browse products on display at any time of the day. This “window shopping” may entice customers to enter your store and make a purchase.

Greenhouses can also serve as seating areas for cafés, where patrons can enjoy a beverage or pastry among the flowers. Another example of greenhouses used creatively in retail settings are gift shops. A lean-to (attached) configuration would serve well as a gift shop application, because customers can enter the gift shop directly through your main building.

Sales in a Greenhouse