Shade Options by Solar Innovations, Inc.

There are several options for shading a glass structure.  Shading systems are a cost effective alternative to many of these technologies. Shades will reduce solar heat gain and minimize glare while filtering natural daylight into a structure. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s fixed and operable shade options are available for interior and exterior applications. Fixed shades are permanently attached to a door, window, or structure’s framework, and are in constant use. Operable shades retract and allow users to determine when to use them.  Operable shades can be either manual or motorized.  Shades can be attached to sloped roofs and vertical walls alike to efficiently block the sun at all angles. All shades are configured to seamlessly match the structure to which they are attached for flawless integration and easy operation. Two popular shading options by Solar Innovations, Inc. are pinoleum shades and wide span shades.

Pinoleum blinds by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Pinoleum shades (shown above) consist of individual wooden reeds woven together to diffuse sunlight and reduce heat and glare. They are typically mounted at the eave and used for a structure’s walls, but they are also available for sloped applications, depending on roof configurations. Solar Innovations, Inc. does not recommend using pinoleum blinds in high humidity environments, such as greenhouses and pool enclosures.

Wide Span Horizontal Shades by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Wide span shades (above) are designed in a Roman fold style and span from eave to eave or follow the slope of a structure for shading windows in the ridge. When extended, wide span shades trap heat in the ridge above, leaving the interior living space cool and comfortable. Wide span shading systems are available with various fabric, color, and texture options.  Most materials are available in sizes up to 9′ wide by 20′ long.

Whether reducing solar heat gain, filtering light or increasing privacy is the user’s priority, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s shading options are the ideal solution. For more information about pinoleum and wide span shades and to see Solar Innovations, Inc.’s additional shading systems, please visit the Shading Options webpage.

Shade options are available from Solar Innovations, Inc.