Showroom Spotlight: Lift Slide Technology

This two-panel SI8600LS G3 lift slide door is included in our company showroom in Pine Grove, PA. This unit features massive 12 ft. tall by 5 ft. wide panels that are easily operated by Solar’s lift slide design. The lift slide system is very similar to a standard sliding glass door, but the panels rise off the track during operation. This characteristic allows the panels to move with ease; they can be opened with one hand and closed with the push of a finger. The panels are locked to the sill when in the closed position, allowing for superior air and water performance. This particular unit includes one operable panel that slides right and behind a fixed panel, but Solar Innovations® offers a variety of lift slide configurations.

For more information about Solar Innovations, Inc. lift slide system, please contact a qualified Solar representative.

Lift Slide technology by Solar Innovations, Inc.