Showroom Spotlight: Mulled Window System

Several of Solar Innovations, Inc’s window and door systems have been installed in the showroom, including the Mulled Window system. The Mulled Window system is a combination of fixed panels, operable windows, and swing doors in one unit. Solar’s Mulled Window system can be composed of any number of fixed, awning, hopper, and casement windows. The unit installed in the onsite showroom includes four fixed windows, three awning windows, one hopper window, and one out-swing casement window. Unlike the systems of many other manufacturers, Solar’s window system can include both in-swing and out-swing windows and doors in one unit, creating a truly unique and customizable system. The Mulled Window system is also NFRC certified.

Please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. expert to learn more about incorporating the proper mulled system for your application.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Mulled Window and Door options