Six DIY, Earth Friendly Vases for Valentine’s Day

If you have a significant someone in your life, then the week(s) leading up to Valentine’s Day, are probably filled with frantic preparations to prove your affection to make February 14 the greatest yet. Flowers, the one gift that has become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, can be found in every grocery store, and not far from the flower display you can find vases to go along with them.

You can’t give flowers without giving a vase, right? While that may or may not be true, why spend money on a generic, store-bought vase, when you can get a little crafty and make your own vase design tailored to your Valentine. Not only will making a vase save you money, it will also add significance to your vase, by showing your guy or gal how well you know them.

To make your vase, all you need is a glass bottle, jar, or old vase. Just make sure you choose something big enough for the amount of flowers you intend to buy. Your other materials will depend on how you decide to design your vase. Keep reading to learn about six earth friendly vases you can make for Valentine’s Day – maybe you’ll even get some inspiration for your own design.

The Rugged Valentine

This is a vase for the outdoor-lovers. Just take your vase and completely wrap it in rope or twine from top to bottom, using hot glue to secure the rope to the glass every inch or so to make sure it’s sturdy. Jazz it up with some colored rope if desired.

The Elegant Valentine

Nothing says elegance and class like lace. Wrap the vase from top to bottom with a ribbon-like lace. If you have various sizes, you can layer them for a textured look. You can also cut the lace in random pieces and completely cover the vase to achieve an overlapping patchwork-type vase.

The Glamorous Valentine

If your valentine is the flashy type, just spray the vase with a sticky adhesive and completely cover it in glitter. This will definitely get messy, so do it outside or lay newspaper down where you’re working.

The Book Loving Valentine

If your valentine is an avid reader, he or she will love this vase. Use the pages from an old book to paper Mache the vase.

The Minimalist Valentine

For those who like things to be plain and simple, you can always just paint the vase in his or her favorite color.

All of these vases are fairly easy to make and can be used for Valentine’s day, birthdays, or just any old occasion. Also, if your valentine is allergic to flowers (or just doesn’t like the maintenance of flowers) you can purchase plastic flowers for in the vase from a craft store. With plastic flowers, you can also buy a strand of twinkle lights for inside the vase to transform it into a lamp as well.

Show your love in a meaningful way this year, and make your valentine one of these earth-friendly vases.