Solar Innovations, Inc. LEED Platinum Application

Solar Innovations, Inc. submitted its application for LEED Platinum certification today. If Platinum status is achieved, Solar will be one of the only certified manufacturing facilities on the east coast with this designation.

Some of the changes Solar has made in anticipation of their application include:

1. Renewable Energy:

Over 1100 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the corporate office and manufacturing facility, since Solar’s previous submission.

2. Ongoing Consumables:

Over the past year much of Solar’s paper use has been replaced by products with recycled content. These items include: white office paper, file folders, and writing tablets.

3. Plumbing Fixtures:

EPA Water Sense certified toilets, urinals, and faucets were purchased for the second floor restrooms, coinciding with a LEED point.

4. Green Cleaning:

Solar has switched the majority of its cleaning supplies to environmentally friendly EcoLogo certified products. These cleaning materials contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.

After the application is filed, LEED has the ability to challenge and review Solar’s requested points. Solar will then make alterations based on LEED’s recommendations, resubmit, and await final award status. Solar Innovations, Inc. will release further information as on its LEED Platinum Status as it is made available. Solar anticipates an expected return date of January of 2013.