Solar Innovations, Inc. Celebrates National Manufacturing Day

Over the past three years, National Manufacturing Day has produced over 1,600 organized tours and events at manufacturing plants with over 100,000 attendees. National Manufacturing Day provides manufacturer’s with an opportunity to open their doors to the public and transparently show what the manufacturing industry is like on a daily basis. In presenting this opportunity, companies are able to connect with young people and inspire them to pursue careers in the manufacturing sector, ensuring a prosperous future for the industry. Manufacturing Day was declared a national holiday by President Barack Obama in 2014, and it allows manufacturers across the country to come together and express growing concerns and challenges within their businesses.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s LEED Gold facility is located on a three-building, 36+ acre campus in Pine Grove, PA. In addition to Solar’s office and shop, the manufacturing facility includes three on-site greenhouses and a complete product showroom. Solar invites any interested customer and vendor looking to learn more about the Company’s products and processes to tour the facility. Please Contact Solar Innovations, Inc. for more information.

Solar Innovations, Inc. celebrates national manufacturing day 2015