Mahanoy Area YES Program Tours Facility for Manufacturing Day

Today (October 3, 2014) is the third annual Manufacturing Day with more than 1,500 events estimated to be held across the country. Solar Innovations, Inc. will take part in the celebrations by hosting the Mahanoy Area YES Program for a tour of our manufacturing manufacturing facility. The event is made possibly by the support of the Northeast PA Manufacturers and Employers Council (MANTEC).

Manufacturing Day is not your typical holiday, it exists to inform Americans of the crucial role manufacturing and the careers manufacturing creates play in our country’s success and to improve the perception of its value. Manufacturers are invited to open their doors and show the public exactly what manufacturing consists of, address common misconceptions about manufacturing practices, and explain how it benefits our country as a whole.

As a leading manufacturer in the aluminum glazed structures industry, Solar Innovations, Inc. understands how vital it is to educate the public of manufacturing practices in order to create a strong, united country. Today, students had the opportunity to tour the facility with company president, Greg Header and receive valuable information on our culture.

Manufacturing Day