Solar Innovations, Inc. Designs Energy Efficient Greenhouses for Orchids

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial greenhouses; conservatories; folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; pool and spa enclosures; sunrooms; and skylights has designed an energy efficient orchid greenhouse.

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures greenhouses designed specifically for orchids. Because most orchids thrive in humidity above 50%, cultivating these flowers in a residential setting can be challenging. Certain orchid varieties require high temperatures coupled with a humid environment; an environment not easily achieved with window sill growing.

Because orchids require specific environments for optimal growth, the ability to provide a species specific greenhouse is the ideal situation. The average warm-growing orchid requires a temperature range of 75-85°F during the day and 55-70°F during the night.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can outfit warm-growing orchid greenhouses with hydronic heating systems to provide ideal environments. These heating systems can work in conjunction with solar thermal panels to collect the sun’s energy. Unlike a photovoltaic panel, these panels do not produce electricity, but instead use sunlight to produce heat energy.  Closed loop lines circulate the heated liquid from the collectors to the hydronic heater, which disperses the heat energy into the greenhouse via forced air. This system can also be designed to provide radiant floor heating, by utilizing piping placed below a floor.

Energy Efficient Orchid Greenhouses

Orchid greenhouses benefit from this type of heating because it can help reduce the high utility costs that are often associated with keeping a greenhouse in the 75-90°F range. Solar thermal solutions, such as hydronic heaters, tend to produce a high amount of power per square foot in comparison to its PV counterpart and require minimal maintenance. Another advantage of hydronic heating is the fact that there are no filters or duct work to clean or maintain (which cuts down on the amount of dust deposited in the greenhouse). The accumulation of dust on a plant’s leaves can stunt growth and cause permanent damage. This not only saves the greenhouse owner time and energy, it is also beneficial to plants.

Some species of orchids do not thrive in bright light; therefore, the use of a shade system or tinted glass is suggested to protect the delicate plants. For orchids that require high humidity levels, the addition of an automated fogger can help to ensure humidity remains in the air. To prevent the outbreak of disease among plants, an exhaust fan is also recommended.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s manufacturing facility features a fully functional orchid greenhouse that potential customers can explore. Solar’s greenhouse experts have honed this product line to fit the needs of serious orchid enthusiasts. Even when there is 12 inches of snow on the ground in Pennsylvania, orchids can be found blooming in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s on-site orchid greenhouse.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s team of greenhouse experts works to design orchid greenhouses that are perfectly suited for customer’s location and desired orchid varieties. Sizes, colors, and glazing selection can be tailored to fit the gardener’s specific needs and location.

For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses, to speak with a greenhouse expert, or to receive an updated greenhouse brochure, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc.’s marketing department at [email protected] or call 800-618-0669.