Solar Innovations, Inc. Invaded by Flying Fish

Solar Innovations, Inc. has been invaded by flying fish. After recently adopting several “FISH!” philosophies in
Solar’s corporate office, things have started to fly. Solar Innovations, Inc. used some of its in-house
capabilities to produce “flying fish.” With the help of Solar’s water jet machine, as well as the powder coat line,
Solar created 8 different types of metal fish in a variety of colors to display as a reminder of the “FISH!”
principles. These fish can be found hanging all around the corporate office and are a constant reminder that just
because you are at work does not mean you cannot have fun. Last week, some of Solar’s team members went off-site
to learn more about the Fish philosophy and are excited to bring more practices back to Solar’s office to benefit
all of Solar’s team members.

The fish philosophies in a nutshell.
1. Play– Have fun while getting the job done.
2. Be Present – When you are working with your team, be in the moment and ensure you are actively listening
and communicating.
3. Choose Your Attitude- Enough said, but remember your attitude is the most important accessory you’ll pick
out each morning.
4. Make Their Day – Take time to really give someone the attention they need and make a difference in their
day! Solve a problem, provide an answer, give them the time they need to move forward with a project.