Solar Innovations, Inc. Is Growing Cauliflower

The Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are blooming fantastically this summer, and our cauliflower is doing especially well.

The cauliflower is growing in our Solar Innovations Inc. cold frames located on the exterior of our orchid greenhouse. It was started as a seedling about three months ago and has been growing rapidly since then. We fertilize it about every two weeks with wastewater from our koi pond. Cabbage loopers — butterfly larvae — have taken a liking to eating the leaves, but this can be avoided by planting your cauliflower early and making sure it is well fertilized.

Cold frames are usually aluminum-framed glass boxes, each with a lid that lifts up, that are placed directly above a section of soil where plants will be grown. The lid is closed to retain heat during the night or on cold days, and it remains open on warm days to expose the plants to fresh air and lower temperatures. Cold frames are often used to extend the growing season into early spring and late fall. Seedlings, for example, can be planted in a cold frame to get an early start on the growing season in spring.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s cold frames are custom designed and constructed out of durable aluminum that will withstand weather conditions and will not require frequent maintenance. Cold Frames contain insulated, clear tempered glazing that is impact resistant and allows ample sunlight to reach the plants. The lids can be manual or automated, which allows the lid to open and close depending on the temperature.