Providing Unique Custom Glass Structures

The helpful tips listed below will assist you in our proposal process. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions!

      1. What is the purpose of your structure? (ie. greenhouse, sunroom, pool enclosure, conservatory, etc.)
      2. Do you have an idea of the basic geometric shape of the structure? (for example – straight eave lean-to, curved eave lean-to, curved eave double-pitch, conservatory nose, straight eave double-pitch, hip end, 8-sided conservatory, etc.)
      3. Determine the structure’s details. Length, width, eave height, ridge height, roof pitch. Will the structure be attached to your existing building? Does the height include a basewall?
      4. Establish the glazing that will be used in the make-up of the structure. Does it have to be insulated? Would you like it tinted? What R & U values would you want?
      5. Frame finish – Solar Innovations, Inc. offers seven standard colors – Black, White, Hartford Green, Bronze, Natural Clay, Sandstone, & Mill Aluminum. Our Anodized colors include a Dark Bronze and Clear. Custom colors can also be matched to your specifications. Wood interior options are also available.
      6. What accessories would you like to include in your structure?
  • Window – Sliding, Awning, Casement, or Folding
  • Doors – Folding, Sliding, Swing, French
  • Ridge Vents – Manual or Motorized
  • Decorative Options
  • Greenhouse Accessories
  • Once you have all of these details answered please fill out Solar’s quote form!