Solar Innovations, Inc. Receives Additional Testing Results

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently completed several new acoustic testing results and is able to market the following products with the outlined test results:


G2 FGW with Standard Sill STC 39; OITC 32
G2 FGW with Recessed Ramp Sill STC 34; OITC 29
G3 FGW with Standard Sill STC 39, OITC 32
G3 FGW with Recessed Ramp Sill STC 35; OITC 28
G2 HP International Tilt and Turn STC 35; OITC 28
G2 Modular Terrace Door with Sidelite STC 35; OITC 28


*Please note:  specific make-ups were tested and additional make-ups can be mocked up and tested to meet the needs of your individual project, pending engineering approval.

 Solar Innovations, Inc. will be testing the following systems in the coming months:

        • G2 Sliding Door
        • G3 Lift and Slide Door
        • G3 Narrow Slide and Stack Door

Solar Innovations, Inc. completes all product testing in its onsite test labs, and all test results are certified by a nationally-recognized third party. For more information and additional test results, please contact a Solar Innovations, inc. sales representative.