Solar Innovations, Inc. Releases Thermally Broken Pivot Door System

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial pivot doors; sliding glass doors; greenhouses; conservatories; folding and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; and skylights, releases a thermally broken pivot glass door system.

Pine Grove, PA, March 24, 2014 – Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a thermally broken pivot door system. Pivot doors provide an innovative solution for applications that require a large opening minimal floor space available for interruption. The new pivot door combines a thermally isolated frame with insulated glass, creating an energy efficient barrier between the interior and the exterior of a building. Modern architecture demands aesthetically pleasing glass doors with energy efficient performance to reduce utility costs. The release of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s thermally enhanced pivot door fulfills these criteria.

Thermal Pivot Door

The key feature of a pivot door is the location of its offset hinge. A pivot door hinge is located at the top and bottom of the door’s frame, unlike a traditional terrace door whose hinges are located at the left or right of the door. This unique hinge location allows for heavier loading and larger doors. It also allows the door to pivot from side to side. When the door is opened, a large opening is created, allowing over sized items to pass through the door’s framework. Custom sized doors with center or off-center pivot locations provide customers with numerous options when incorporating a pivot door into their facade.

The thermally broken aspect of the pivot door makes it well-suited for exterior applications, and was designed to meet most energy efficiency standards (dependent upon glazing and hardware selection). The door’s insulated glass units feature stainless steel spacers, which far exceed the performance of standard aluminum spacers. The aluminum framing is thermally broken, providing separation between the interior and exterior which reduces the transfer of heat and cold. The entire pivot door system is designed to exceed the energy performance of comparable products on the market today.

Pivot doors are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Common commercial applications include: hotels, loading docks, and restaurants. These doors can also include an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sill or recessed sill, for institutional applications such as nursing homes. Solar Innovations, Inc. pivot doors are feature aluminum framing, which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finishing maintenance. Multiple screen options are also available for use with pivot doors.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s door and window experts can design custom pivot doors based on your requirements that exceed the thermal performance required of an exterior door. Sizes, colors, and glazing selection can also be tailored to fit specific architectural requirements. For more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s thermally broken pivot glass doors or to receive an updated door and window brochure, please contact Solar Innovations, Inc.’s marketing department at [email protected] or call 800-618-0669 to speak to a knowledgeable sales designer.