Solar Innovations, Inc. Representative Attends Lumira Consortium Meeting

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Marketing Manager, Melissa, attended a Lumira Consortium meeting last week.

Lumira aerogel is a moisture resistant insulating gel mainly used to increase thermal ratings in architectural systems. It is a completely recyclable material made of small clear hydrophobic particles which greatly reduce the thermal transfer of heat and cold when added to a polycarbonate and minimizes energy costs on installation. The use of Lumira can even aid in the achievement of LEED goals.

Lumira virtually eliminates the trade-off of insulation vs. natural light by providing three to six times the thermal performance of the traditional fenestration products while maintaining optimal light transmission. The structure of Lumira also allows for quieter interior spaces by blocking and absorbing the energy produced by sound, limiting sound transmission. Lumira is highly effective in daylight applications, especially in skylights, where it is able to better diffuse light.

Solar Innovations, Inc. is part of an exclusive group with access to Lumira filled polycarbonate panels for use in place of glass. The organizations in this group meet twice a year to discuss new ways in which we can educate the market in regards to how and where to use Lumira. This year, the meeting was held at the Amerilux International corporate headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin. At the meeting, Cabot Corporations, the manufacturer of Lumira, spoke in regards to the perspective of the market’s outlook and shared some insights into future advancements.

Our company has developed a line of standard products featuring Lumira aerogel that maintain and enhance energy efficiency while still enabling a wide range of design options. We recently installed a Lumira skylight in the upstairs showroom of our corporate facility that has successfully enhanced the light quality and reduced the amount of artificial lighting.

Solar would like to wish safe travels to all who attended and thank everyone for their active participation in this event.

Lumira Curtain Wall