Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Dynamic Glass Options

Solar Innovations, Inc. has several options for incorporating dynamic glass into a structure.

Dynamic glass is an innovative glazing solution based on electrochromic technology that has the ability to switch between clear and tinted states on demand. This technology can be used in any glass structure, window, or door, and it allows ideal shading at any time without obstructing the view with shades, blinds, or exterior overhangs.

This type of glass transmits more solar heat than typical LoE glass in its clear state, which reduces the need for heating; in its tinted state, it successfully blocks solar heat, reducing the need for cooling and controlling glare. Therefore, dynamic glass has the ability to downsize a building’s overall energy consumption and even HVAC size requirements.

Dynamic glass can be controlled on demand to suit the current users’ needs or automated to adapt to the constantly changing environmental conditions. The glass has four levels of visual light transmittance (Tvis), 4%, 20%, 40%, and 60% — 4% being the darkest level. There is always a full view of the outdoors even at the fullest tint.

Projects working toward LEED certification can benefit from dynamic glass, as it reduces light pollution, increases natural lighting, and enhances a building’s innovative qualities.

Electrochromic coating technology enables a thin coating to change from clear to tinted when a small DC voltage is applied. It was invented over 40 years ago, but due to scaling challenges, it was not able to be used in architectural applications until recently.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can incorporate dynamic glass into the design of any structure, window, or door. If your structure requires a series of windows, we can create different tint settings on each window based on your individual need. For example, one group of windows can be set to 60% Tvis, while another can be set to 4% Tvis. All of our structures are custom-made to suit the needs of each individual user.