Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Grow Lights

Lean-to greenhouses with low light are sometimes not able to naturally produce the amount of sunlight required to grow certain plants. Adding grow lights is a quick and easy solution for a lack of natural light. The greenhouse experts at Solar Innovations, Inc. recommend using grow lights with metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs.Metal halide lights mimic traditional sunlight, giving off a blue tint. Therefore, plants will grow fuller when placed under a metal halide lamp. This type of grow light has a life expectancy of 20,000 hours and is often used to extend daylight growing hours.High pressure sodium grow lights (HPS), on the other hand, produce a yellow glow. They have a life expectancy of 24,000 hours (around five years) and are recommended for use in greenhouses that already have a sufficient amount of light. HPS lights are often used by gardeners wishing to produce more plants.If your greenhouse is experiencing a lack of natural sunlight, or you want to extend the daylight growing hours for your plants, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative to find out which grow light and other greenhouse accessories are right for you.Grow Lights
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