Solar Innovations, Inc.’s RMA Process: How and Why it Works

As you may already be aware, Solar Innovations, Inc. is an environmentally conscious company that has recently achieved a LEED Gold Rating on our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. Because of its “green” initiatives, Solar Innovations, Inc. likes to reuse samples for customers.

In order to do this, Solar has set up a process where customers return borrowed samples in a certain time period. Customers are required to sign a RMA form that they agree to return the samples before a certain amount of days have passed. Otherwise, most times these samples are discarded after a project is completed and fill our landfills. Solar has a standard 60 day borrowing period, but will extend the borrow time on a project by project basis per request.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has received praise from customers about this process. The process saves materials and is just another way Solar shrinks its ecological footprint.