Solar Innovations, Inc. Showroom Update

One of Solar’s newest additions to the showroom is a six-bay wall dedicated to the display of its diverse configurations of glass door and window systems. Each individual bay houses a different Solar Innovations, Inc. system. At the moment, the wall includes examples of our G3 Lift Slide, G3 Multi-Track Slider, Mulled Window, and G3 French Door systems. The final two bays have yet to be completed, but they will consist of our European and International systems.

Solar Innovations, Inc. prides itself on our ever-expanding line of quality products. We encourage all of our customers to visit our corporate campus, where they can view our manufacturing facility, meet with the team involved in their project, and personally experience the superiority of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products.

The Solar Innovations, Inc. headquarters not only houses its entire office and manufacturing facility, but it also has working structures, doors, and windows displayed onsite. Solar invites customers from across the nation to tour its facility, whether they’re planning a greenhouse, conservatory, skylight, or door/window system, and see our high-quality products at work.

Solar has three working greenhouses and a conservatory attached to its office and manufacturing facility that include countless Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse accessories, decorative accessories, and window options. In addition, the second floor of our office is home to its showroom that Solar is constantly updating with new products. In its showroom, Solar has several window and door systems, a skylight, and a solar chimney.