Structure Repair and Glass Replacement Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. is best known for the designing and installation of structures, skylights, windows, and doors, but technology and design capabilities allow Solar to offer superior repair and replacement services as well.

Solar’s installation and service teams can assess the service needs of any structure, including ones made by other manufacturers. Solar carries a great deal of items from various systems, and our stock even includes glass curves to fit standard sunroom structures not installed by Solar.

If a customer needs a part Solar does not have, Solar Innovations, Inc. can work with them to locate or even design a new piece. This is especially beneficial, because certain manufacturing companies may no longer be in business, therefore purchasing replacement parts and services through those companies is not an option.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can replace the glass in any structure as long as glass type and specific dimensions are supplied. We can even provide a higher quality glazing to increase user comfort or overall aesthetics.

For more information regarding our services and a complete list of our stocked replacement products, please visit Solar’s Services page.