Solar Innovations, Inc. Vineyard Update: Pruning the Vines

Solar Innovations, Inc. vineyard is flourishing and currently insect-free, thanks to the combination of fertilization by the on-site greenhouse experts and the much needed rain that arrived recently in Pine Grove.   Within the first year of planting the vineyard, the fertilizer for grapes should have a low nitrogen content.  It should also be low in potash and high in phosphorus.  The nitrogen encourages leaf growth instead of root growth, which is required for the new plantings.  The potash and nitrogen can be applied in the second year to help maintain the overall balance as well as either a 5-5-5 fertilizer or an aged compost.

Solar’s greenhouse experts have previously discussed planning a vineyard and implementing a vineyard, as well as how to achieve a stable vineyard ecosystem and even how to train your vines. Now that the vines are in full bloom, there is an increased focus on the pruning process.  Pruning is trimming away any overgrown or dead stems. This leads to a fuller, more fruitful, and in some cases, more flavorful, plant. Pruning is a crucial step in a vines’ growth, as it ensures nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the entire plant.  Our greenhouse specialists advise early pruning, so longer stems do not steal nutrients from newer stems; pruning will also increase the amount of sprouting stems and create a fuller vine with more grapes. The vines in Solar’s vineyard are currently about 3 1/2 ft tall, which is the perfect time for pruning.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Vineyard Progress