Solar Innovations, Inc. Vineyard Update: Training the Vines

Solar Innovations, Inc. is continuing the vineyard project from earlier this summer. Previously we discussed the planning process, the implementation of a vineyard, and also described our plans to achieve vineyard ecosystem stability. Now that the project is in full swing, our greenhouse experts would like to discuss the process of training the vines.Solar's Vineyard layout
At this point, the grapes have begun to grow up the posts and have reached the first training wire, previously installed at approximately two feet high. The vines will be secured to the wire using plastic ties and then the pruning process will begin. Pruning grape vines is a meticulous process. Solar’s greenhouse experts must trim the vines at the correct points to ensure the maximum fruit growth, while training the vines to follow the wires and posts that were previously installed to make sure the vines are properly supported. While examining the vines to ensure they have been properly pruned, one should plan on weeding and fertilizing the area. This will ensure the grapes will receive the nutrients they need from the area without being threatened by weed growth. Once the fertilizer has been installed, a light layer of mulch will be installed to help maintain the moisture content of the soil and add a soil amendment once the mulch decomposes. Stay tuned for more information and follow our social media outlets to let us know what content you want to read more about.

Training Grapes for the Vineyard at Solar Innovations, Inc.