Solar Innovations® Vineyard Update – Extending the Vineyard

Solar Innovations, Inc. is continuing the vineyard development project started last summer. We previously wrote about the planning and implementation processes, our plans to achieve a stable vineyard ecosystem, and how to successfully train and prune vines. Just recently,  our greenhouse experts added 10 additional grape vines to our growing vineyard, and we are excited for our vineyard to begin its second year. Adding new plants to an existing vineyard can be tricky, but choosing high quality plants will help create a successful ecosystem. Our greenhouse experts carefully chose healthy, well-rooted vines at three years of age to add to the vineyard.

When planting grape vines, it is important to separate the roots, which will help determine how large the hole will need to be. It is recommended to make the hole about twice the size of the separated roots system, which will allow  the roots ample room to grow. Once the hole has been dug, lay the roots on the bottom of the hole, and be sure to separate them as much as possible to allow the roots space to expand during growth. When finished, just  cover the roots with soil. Our experts used a custom soil mixture, composed of  existing soil and aged compost. Be sure to gently pack the soil to expel any air pockets, then water the plant to help the soil settle around the roots. To protect the plants from insects and fungus, we spray the plants with dormant oil. These oils can be purchased at garden or home improvement stores. Homemade dormant oil recipes can also be used to protect your vines from insects. Lastly, add mulch around the vines to help hold in the moisture during the summer’s dry periods. As our new vines grow, we will continue to train and prune the vines, spraying them with the dormant oil as needed to ensure maximum fruit production. Stay tuned for more vineyard updates as well as updates on the rest of Solar Innovations Inc.’s summer projects.