Solar Introduces L Series Blinds

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial sliding, folding, and stacking glass walls, doors, windows, and screens; conservatories; sunrooms; greenhouses; skylights; and curtain walls; introduces L Series blinds to their product offerings to provide improved shading customization.

In Quarter I of 2015, Solar Innovations, Inc. will begin to offer three styles of L Series window and door blinds to customers. Solar will custom manufacture Perfect Fit®, Vision Blinds, and Luxury Roller Blinds in the Pine Grove, Pennsylvania facility, with a focus being placed on Perfect Fit® blinds.

The Perfect Fit® systems are attached to operable sashes that allow the blinds to move with the unit as it operates, making them an ideal solution for Solar’s products. The new blinds are available in three different styles: roller, pleated, and cellular. Perfect Fit® blinds allow fresh air to enter the space without sacrificing privacy by remaining lowered when the window or door is open.

Perfect Fit® blinds do not require conventional screws to attach to the window frame, which allows them to be easily removed for cleaning. This blind system increases privacy and insulation because it has a smaller gap between the glass and the edge of the blind than traditional systems. Available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and textures, L Series blinds can meet nearly any interior design aesthetic.

Solar Innovations, Inc. will also offer Vision and Luxury Roller blinds for doors and windows, which function similarly to traditional, stationary blinds. Vision Blinds feature two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric. These layers move independently of one another and control light, while maintaining views. Luxury Roller Blinds roll up and down the window by way of a chain and reduce thermal transfer by reflecting heat. This function can help lower heating and cooling costs, depending upon the season. Luxury Roller blinds can also include decorative scallops, braids, pulls, poles, and eyelets to match any interior design scheme your space may require.

Solar Innovations, Inc. will offer L Series blinds in addition to the Pleated, Solar R, Gravity Fed, Pinoleum, and Wide Span Horizontal shade and blind options already available to customers.

If you have questions about L Series blinds or want to learn about how Solar can help enhance your glazed product, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative at [email protected] or 800-618-0669.

Pleated Perfect Fit Shades