Solar Reflects on Last Five Years

Solar Innovations, Inc. has made an unbelievable transformation from 2009 to 2014 in regards to our size, team, and capabilities. It’s hard to believe a company now headquartered in Pine Grove, PA, with a three-building, 300,000 sq. ft. corporate campus and over 160 team members, was formerly located in a 47,000 sq. ft. facility with less than 100 team members in Myerstown, PA just five years ago.

Changing locations was not the extent of our expansion over the last five years. We have been continuing to expand our capabilities since moving to Pine Grove. Our corporate facility was a little over 200,000 sq. ft when we initially moved here. Since we have acquired two surrounding buildings (in 2011 & 2013), increasing our size as well as our capabilities. In addition, we have also almost completed the renovation of our corporate facility’s second floor, which now houses our showroom, as well as our training and conference rooms.

In order to provide greater control over prices and shorten lead times, Solar does as much in-house manufacturing  as possible. These include but are not limited to our paint and powder coat rooms, allowing us to create  environmentally-friendly custom color projects; an extrusion bender, so we are able to bend our own aluminum; and a strut line, giving us the ability to produce a greater variation of shapes and dyes. Our diverse manufacturing abilities allow us to continuously design new structures and product features that customers demand. Our more recent products include our monster folding glass wall, our G3 glass sliding doors, and IRT fishing reels.

Solar also developed a PV racking system and a non-damaging universal clamp, which were built and installed in conjunction with the first phase of our own solar panel system in 2011. Our 2,200-panel solar panel array was constructed on the roof of our manufacturing facility. The facility is 85% off the grid, thanks to the first two phases of the solar panel array, and 98.5% landfill free, as a result of our company’s dedication to living and working green.

The Solar team is constantly expanding as well. We are always looking for outstanding individuals with exceptional skills to contribute to the diversity of our company. We can find a use for almost any talent, whether it be in the shop or the office, at Solar Innovations, Inc.

Our company has led the industry for years by providing the highest quality products, processes, and designs. The evolution we have made over the years is a direct result of our dynamic team who relentlessly works to pave the way to a greener future.

 Solar Innovations Campus